We receive many inquiries from art clubs who are interested in purchasing works or have questions about whether we can help arrange an exhibition in their association. And of course we can.

ShopEditions collaborates with a wide range of established and upcoming artists from Denmark and abroad. From our own graphic collection, we have about 500 works that cover lithography, screen printing, woodcut, photography and digital printing. Click on Artists and see who we are currently working with.
Are you more interested in paintings, sculptures and other unique works, we refer to our second department, Gallery Christoffer Egelund.

If your art club would like to visit our gallery, we would like to make an arrangement for you. We would like to combine a graphic and painting visit, as ShopEditions and Gallery Christoffer Egelund are located in the same building. We also like to arrange a meeting with an artist or lecture on a specific topic. It is also possible to hold a board meeting in our gallery at Bredgade 75. Contact us for more information.

We would like to invite you to a meeting in our gallery at Bredgade 75, DK-1260 Copenhagen K, and you are also welcome to contact us on phone +45 33939200 or for a talk about the various possibilities.