Taken - 9
Taken - 9
Taken - 9
Ingrid Bugge

Taken - 9

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30 x 60 cm
Fotografi, pigmentprint på syrefrit kunstpapir, 330g.
Signeret og nummereret af kunstenren. Edition 12.

Kunstenrens beskrivelse af værket:

This photo series shows a woman’s dance with nature. The project portrays nature’s superiority and how humans relate to it. I travelled to the Moab-dessert in Utah, where I spend 10 days exploring the incredible scenery and got use to the overwhelming climate. With me was dancer and choreographer, Pipaluk Supernova, who did her choreography in the middle of the dessert while I photographed her; she both used the nature, the wind and the scenery, while also succumbing to it completely.

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