Augusta Atla

I Am Life

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37 x 48 cm
Original serigraphy, acrylic on 250 g. paper, 2015.
Signed and numbered by the artist. Monotypi. 


The artist about the work:

I Am Life, a work was originally made in popular colors, this is the only work of that size back from the oeuvre from 2015. The work is two self-portraits while I lived in Paris in 2013 - recorded analogously to Medium Format Camera - and reworded as collage - and partially developed negative - and printed analogously to screen-typing technology. The work compiles the body with life, and life here sees as infinite vitality - endless strong forces of nature cycles that the body is part of. As well as the use of own (female) body as an important tool in the liberation of male artists' fantasies about women through the millennium - this image is not criticism of men and their fantasies, but as a necessary owner-right for the woman and the female artist of her own understanding of body, self and image.