Eden (I)
Augusta Atla

Eden (I)

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34 x 50 cm
Original serigraphy, acrylic of 150 grams of paper, 2018.
Signed and numbered by the artist. Edition 35.

The artist about the work:

Eden is a series of print in edition 35, which basically starts with a work by F. Leger and I have changed the image of the woman figure so that she looks back at the viewer in the idea of ​​a window and is surrounded by flowers / plants, to create a new version of a true artist's image of the woman. I have given the figure a direct 'back look' to the viewer, 'she sees view' - as well as her allies with nature around her as a picture of the inner whole and ethics of protection, partly by herself but also by nature and the earth in general. The work is printed analogously to screen technology as well as painted with watercolor.

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