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Paper size.: 49 x 62 cm / Design size.: 35 x 48 cm
Original collography / linocut
Signed and numbered by the artist. Edition 1 / Monotypi.


The work is part of Hardy Ernst's series 'The Invisible Cities', which are illustrations of Italo Calvino's book "The Invisible Cities." 

The invisible cities are about Marco Polo who was employed as explorer of the great Kublai Kahn, and was crossing his mighty kingdom - from Kamsjatka across Russia, India and back to China at least twice within 30 years. In the book, Marco Polo tells about the different cities, and provides a comprehensive report from each city. Their customs and lifestyles, descriptions of their faith and superstition, the coexistence, the philosophy behind each city, the magnificent palaces, the interrelationships, the spirits, the living and the dead, the history of the city ... and more. Kahnen asks for the individual cities, in small philosophical sections of the book, which otherwise consist of Marco Polo's descriptions of each city and usually can be written on a single paper-back page, yet the city is fully described both philosophical and real, yet invisible. In fact, it is Marco Polo's hometown, Venice he describes again and again. The titles of the pictures are some of the city names.