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Poul Agger

Poul Agger was born in 1936 in Copenhagen. He is a painter, graphic artist and sculptor. His works are characterized by strong contrasts - coloristically with a palette that goes from warm to cool colors - and motivationally, spanning more machine-like shapes to lingering amoeba forms that can also resemble botanical occurrences, although they sometimes have faces. The shapes and figures dance on the surface and seem to play with a smile on their lips. They appear on a monochrome background, usually black, white, gray or blue. They can sometimes be reminiscent of a secret character alphabet that has a hidden or forgotten meaning. Poul Agger's poetic works are pop-like and flat painted - with no trace of the hand's movements in the paint. When it comes to graphics, he has mainly concentrated on the black and white linoleum print, and from the 1980s also on the screen printing. Besides painting, he works with ceramics and with ceramic sculpture with the same playful vitality - and humor - as in his painting.