Marina Pagh was born in Svendborg and graduated from Design School Kolding in 1987. Furthermore, she graduated from Haystack Mountain School of Arts, Maine, USA, 1986, Grafisk Skole, Aarhus 1988-90, Aarhus School of Architecture 1991-92 and has taken classes in lithography (2003) and silk screen printing (2004) at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Marina Pagh´s work builds on a basic idea of poetic simplicity, silence and natural abstraction. Her pieces originate from her curiosity and experiments with shapes and materials. Starting with a particular shape or material she lets the work develop, take a turn and develop into other materials or “variants”. She focuses on simple and organic interactions and works from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional or vice versa. She lets an image in graphics become an image in ceramic.

At ShopEditions we present Marina Paghs series ‘Everything sings’, which consist of 16 graphics pieces.