Lars Heiberg

Lars Heiberg (1969) is a Danish visual artist. Lars Heiberg was educated at the Jutland Academy of Arts in Aarhus (1995-2000), where he was a student of Nils Erik Gjerdevik and Peter Carlsen. Lars Heiberg is a member of the Arts Association Corner and a member of the Artists' Society.

Lars Heiberg has received several grants and awards, including the National Art Foundation's work scholarship (2004, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014), the Academy Council and the Artist Society's grant to younger artists exhibition activities (2001), and the Jens Ejnar & Johannne Larsen Foundation to support young visual artists ( 2001). His works include represented in the City of Copenhagen's Art CollectionKUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art, KØS - Museum of Art in Public Space, Kaliningrad State Art Gallery.