Jane Mikolajewicz


By Paul Cederdorff

Why do I suddenly remember when I was on one of my many visits to Gallery Munken and in the painter Jane Mikolajewicz's studio in Ingstrup, near Løkken? I went through the many paintings, drawings and graphics to get an insight into the creative world of the artist. Although Jane’s residence and headquarters is Vendsyssel, she was born and raised in Aalborg, she has moved around the world to gather impressions, knowledge and experiences as inspiration to create her works. She has been in many places to gather information to expand her world. The world can only be experienced in fragments and we can but collect the pieces, not create a unified image. It would be too simple to call Jane Mikolajewicz an expressive painter, because her painting also contains so much else, because the painting moves freely over the figurative and the fabulous abstract. Let me add that she has lived an intense story about life in the Far East and all the other places she has traveled to, to tell us through pencil, color, brushes and charcoal about the great experiences, waiting on the other side of the hill.