Hans Meyer Petersen

Hans Meyer Petersen was born in 1937 in Copenhagen. He started painting and drawing at the age of 11 and exhibited at the experimental Galleri Montmartre at the age of 18. After graduating in 1956 he visited Paris regularly where he got in touch with the abstract/surreal movement PHASES, founded in 1951 by the writer Edouard Jaguer with former members of COBRA and Le Mouvement Surrealiste.Hans Meyer Petersen participated in the PHASES activities since 1957 and moved to Paris in 1959. After signing a contract with Galerie Bellechasse at Boulevard St. Germain des Pres he moves to the countryside in 1961, to the village of Verdelot 70 km. east of Paris. Here he has the time and peace to develop the type art, which he still represents. In 1966 he returns to Denmark, but he keeps his connections to France.