I Am A Woman Artist (blå/hvid)
Augusta Atla

I Am A Woman Artist (blå/hvid)

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55 x 76 cm
Original serigraphy, acrylic on 250 grams of paper, 2016.
Signed and numbered by the artist. Edition 2. 


The artist about the work:

I Am A Woman Artist is a work created while I lived in Athens, Greece. The work is a collage based on Picasso's portrait of Dora Maar, as well as by chance, the image of a Beduin woman, to make a collage of women's images between different cultures - and the Beduin woman is a picture of the strong nomad that converts in tough conditions and remain inner strength. And important to reword Picasso as a female artist, to create freedom for new images of identity and gender. To take away Picasso´s power.

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